Automated Software Solutions

Q7 Automated EDI

One of the most annoying aspect of EDI is having to remember to actually do it. With our automated EDI software, you can rest assured that your shipment status notifications will go out on time. And more importantly, without mistakes. You’re allowed to define, per customer, which EDI shipment status notifications you’d like to send. This is especially nice when you have that one customer who needs a very specific shipment status. On top of that, you have over 20 different “events” upon which Q7 will automatically trigger a notification. For example you can send a notification when one of your loads is scheduled. Or you can send a notification when the load is on time or late as of a specified time.

In this day-in-age, when shippers are demanding more load visibility than ever before, you need to have the latest in automated software on your side. You need software that will work 24/7 and always work correctly. That’s what Q7 automation can bring to the table.

Q7 Automated Email

Similar to our EDI, Q7 Automated Email will send emails to a pre-defined list of contacts when events happen through your Q7 system. Control everything your customer sees! How the email looks, where the email is coming from, and when the email is sent out. On top of that, you can “inject” any email into the system, for example to tell the customer of an unexpected event. Q7 will automatically send that email in the next batch.

Both of these modules are excellent by themselves. But they also benefit amazingly from the addition of an ELD interface. Imagine your driver arriving at the drop, and automatically Q7 knows the time they’ve arrived, what they’ve arrived with, and details about the truck as it arrived. Then, instantly, an EDI or email is sent to the customer informing them of what happened. The only human involved in that process was the driver, yet you’ve automatically confirmed the stop, updated BOL information, updated your mileage, and informed the customer that the load has been delivered. It’s an amazing thing to see in action.