Q7 Version Update - October 2019

We have some exciting new features coming in the latest Q7 update and we'd like to share a few with you.

- Reporting Enhancements

One of the major improvements to Q7 this release is a full overhaul of our reporting system. In addition to increased speed and accuracy you can now embed Google Maps into any of your reports. This is an excellent way to indicate to the driver where troublesome pickup points are located: Other report improvements include...

  • Support for exporting PDF, PDF/A, PDF Form Buttons
  • Auto-Save/Recovery for editing Reports
  • Embed charts into any compatible report:

- Other Q7 improvements

  • Strict Accounting - Take control of your General Journal by limiting the types of account postings your users are allowed to make.
  • Document Management will load and scan your documents 50% faster.
  • Sort the Fuel Card Interface by Quantity, Rate, Reference and more.
  • New interface with PC*Miler Web Services.
  • Improvements to Freight Settlement AR, which allow a user to correct mistakes in a more streamlined fashion.
  • Driver Pay can now be dated based on Actual Arrival Date of the Delivery.

- Q7 Maps provides support for Google Maps

Our Q7 Maps module allows you to visualize your fleet at a glance. Q7 Maps will tell you where all of your Drivers are destined to be, and where all of your Available Loads need to be picked up. Quickly generate miles between any Driver and any Available Load to make easy planning decisions.