Introducing the State Mileage Import

Your ELD provider probably has a way to download your state mileage records for the quarter. Wouldn't it be great to automatically import those into Q7 where you already have your fuel purchases?

Enter the State Mileage Import.

Automatically import your State Mileage data from ELD

Whether it's a month or three months of data, importing your mileage takes you less time than it does to order a pizza.

Increased efficiency and accuracy

  • Save hours of manual data entry
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes
  • More accurate than mileage generation software
  • Eliminate third-party fuel tax preparation services
  • Works with most major ELD providers

Growing Support

We integrate with most major ELD providers like Omnitracs, PeopleNet, E-Road, KeepTrucking and CarrierWeb and we can probably integrate with yours. To find out, contact your Frontline rep and we'll do the rest.