Q7 Tips & Tricks - Setup Programs

Let's take a look at Setup programs this month. They are, after all, essential to a healthy Q7 system. Besides keeping your Setup windows set at a small size, there are several other tricks that we like to use to manage and move through the lists and windows.

+ buttons are shortcuts to other Setup windows

Look for the + buttons to the right of certain selections in Setup windows. Clicking on one will open the Setup window for that field, where you can add to or edit the list without having to navigate all the way to that Setup window by hand.

Look for shortcut buttons, too. Found in windows like the Pay & Adjust Items tab in Vendor or Employee Setup.

Large list of red Inactives bogging you down?

From the menu of any Setup window, select the Setup Name | Omit Inactive. All Inactive profiles will disappear from view. To see the Inactives again, simply select Setup Name | Omit Inactive again.

Efficiently scan a Setup list

If you are auditing Setup profiles, it can be tedious to open, save, close, and then open the next profile all the way down the list. Instead, set the Setup window to the left, then the profile on the right. Simply scroll through the Setup list to view the details of each profile. If you make any changes to a Setup profile, don't forget to click Save before scrolling to the next profile.